Student Competition in Evaluation

CES is organizing an annual competition for university students in various disciplines with relation to evaluation. Students organized in small teams compete for the best evaluation design for a specific project or program.

The primary goal of the competition is building evaluation capacities. Students will have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge from methodology and other courses in practice, develop evaluation thinking and the ability to analyze programs, all that in a very short time frame. The evaluation also enriches the teaching of relevant courses while it increases the profile of the evaluation profession in the Czech Republic.

In Fall 2017 the CES organized a successful first round of the competition. The second round was carried out in fall 2018.

The third official round for academic year 2019/2020 is open since Octobre 5, 2019! Coaches of student teams (university professors and/or evaluation professionals) can register their teams until October 25, 2019.

For more information, consult this presentation.

The competition has been inspired by a Canadian experience, for more information, visit the Canadian Competition official website

For more information about the Czech competition, contact Jana Garay or Lucie Jungwiertová (