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Student Evaluation Competition

CES is organizing a competition for university students in various disciplines with relation to evaluation. Students organized in small teams compete for the best evaluation design for a specific project or program.

The primary goal of the competition is building evaluation capacities. Students will have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge from methodology and other courses in practice, develop evaluation thinking and the ability to analyze programs, all that in a very short time frame.

The aim of the competition is to build capacities, offer a more attractive form of evaluation teaching, enhance cooperation within the evaluation community and increase the profile of evaluation in the Czech Republic. Round 0 of the competition will take place in late November or early December (TBD). Student teams can compete both in the Czech and the English language.

The pilot year of the competition was held in late November and December 2016 and its results can be found HERE.

For more information, consult this presentation

The competition has been inspired by a Canadian experience, for more information, visit the Canadian Competition official website