Development activities

We build evaluation capacities in the Czech Republic

Development activities of the Czech Evaluation Society

Czech Development Agency supported the project „Czech Evaluation Society: Development of Evaluations – Evaluations in Development“ within the programme „Strengthening capacities of non-state entities platforms (including strengthening capacities and partnership of NGOs).“







The goal of the project of the Czech Evaluation Society (CES) is strengthening and use of evaluation capacities of the members and partners of CES and other target groups by means of educational and other meetings of evaluators, contracting authorities and other subjects interested in evaluations.

The project aims at development of evaluation culture in the Czech Republic and related development of capacities of the target groups for evaluations of international development cooperation and other development interventions, including the interventions supported from the European Social and Investment Funds. Five activities (Conference “Development of Evaluation – Evaluation in Development”, drafting the Guidelines for procurement of evaluations, series of trainings, „Evalcafé“ meetings on actual topics, and upgrade of the website) combined together shall contribute to increase of interest in evaluation and deepening the expertise of contracting authorities and evaluation experts.

Period of realization: 1. 1. 2018 - 31. 12. 2018

Beneficiary: Czech Evaluation Society

Budget: CZK 272 000 (co-financing 25 %)