The Czech Evaluation Society (CES) is a voluntary, self-governed, non-profit, apolitical, independent association of professionals who engage in evaluations of public and private development programs and projects, and unites its members on the basis of a common interest.

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CES organizes various evaluation events, the most important being the annual evaluation conference where good practices from different areas, new methodological approaches and international experience are being shared.

CES also sponsors a professional peer-reviewed journal The Evaluation Theory and Practice, the only journal in the Czech Republic dedicated to evaluation.

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IPDET 2.0 pre-registration

Date: 08.04.2018

EPDET 2018 has been merged into IPDET 2.0

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Project "Czech Evaluation Society: Development of Evaluations – Evaluations in Development"

Date: 01.03.2018

Czech Development Agency supported the project „Czech Evaluation Society: Development of Evaluations – Evaluations in Development“ within the programme „Strengthening capacities of non-state entities platforms (including strengthening capacities and partnership of NGOs).“

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