Competition results 1st. round

Look at who there are the winners in the competition

Competition results

Charles University wins the Student Competition in Evaluation!

Septik team of the Faculty of Science from the Charles University in Prague won the first official round of the Student Competition in Evaluation organized by the Czech Evaluation Society in 2017!

Team members were Jonáš Suchánek, Jan Cejpek, Martina Kovářová and Anastasia Kniazeva from the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development.

The competition took place on December 8, 2017 and students had only 5,5 hours to develop an evaluation plan from a project Strengthening the Administrative Capacity of Municipalities via Inter-Municipal Cooperation.

It was a close contest with students proving exceptional skills to elaborate evaluation proposals in a very short time. The second place belong to the team Náplavky from the same faculty and the third to the Quantum team from the Faculty of Social Science of the Charles University.